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Portraiture Set Course
Portraiture 1
Portraiture 2
Portraiture 3
Portraiture 4
Portraiture 5
Portraiture 6
Portraiture 7
Portraiture 8
Portraiture 9
Portraiture 10
Portraiture 11
Portraiture 12
Portraiture 13
Portraiture 14

Two different styles of drawing are taught; firstly, a loose, energetic, expressive style; and secondly, a realistic style. Different types of shading are explored, and how to work through the different grades of graphite to delicately build the shades.In Portraiture course, students are also learning different types of pencil mark making: hatching, cross hatching, circles, and loose motion. These marks can be used to show a certain texture, create depth, and even express a mood. These pencil marks are then used with a range of pencil grades to create the all important value (light and dark) contrast in the portrait drawing. These are the drawing techniques that were used by the old Masters like Leonardo.

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