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Landscape Set Course
Changing Trees
Landscape course 5
Landscape 7
Landscape 8
Landscape course 4
Landscape course 1
Landscape course 2
Landscape course 3
Landscape 6

Students learn how to use graphite to draw different textures in trees, and various techniques which artists use to create depth and perspective in their tree scenes. By contrasting the appearance of the trees in the background and the foreground in their size, detail, colour, value and opacity. Also, students learn how to create an 'impression' of a tree scene using a variety of expressive marks in graphite, to render different textures. This knowledge on perspective and texture is than taken forward to the following classes. Some classes are en plein air sessions when students are drawing outside from nature scenes.The final piece will be a watercolour painting of a landscape of trees which will combine what students have learnt across the  course about perspective and how distance changes the clarity, colours, value, textures and size of the trees.

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