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Our Sculpture course is designed for young artists who are interested in improving their hands-on skills in model-making and learning the anatomy through sculpture - we will learn how to create form, shape, texture and layer muscles onto wire skeletons of both the human and animal form. It is suited for continuing learners to refine their skills and also for beginners.
On this course, children learn how to express themselves physically through the skills of 3D model-making, and also build skills of perseverance & resilience and taking feedback on board when working on longer advanced pieces of work towards the second half of the course.

Participants will be encouraged to refine their work to a highly detailed polished finish, from initial ideas in sketches all the way to the final sculptural pieces. We will use a variety of 2D and 3D materials to explore the range of possibilities of sculpture and learn of the various materials and techniques step-by-step, referencing influential sculptors and artists such as Bernini ("What Shakespeare is to drama, Bernini may be to sculpture..."), Edgar Degas, Michelangelo and modern contemporary artists such as David Hockney.


Looking at modern practices in model-making, the course focuses on small scale sculpting and aims to create a practical understanding in where these learnt skills can be applied.
This course expands children's spatial awareness and brain-hand coordination.


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