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This course is designed for young artists who are interested in drawing and storytelling through movement. At the beginning of the course students will be taught how to maximize their drawing and illustrative design skills by creating characters, storyboards and learning about capturing dynamic posing of the human figure. The second half of the course will then be focused on creating a final showcase film done in groups, using the technique of 2D hand-drawn - by bringing inanimate objects to life and making them animated.
In this Animation course, participants will be encouraged to do every part of the film-making process, with special attention to the pre-production process, from initial idea all the way to the filming in specialist software to the final edit with music and narrative voice-over.
We will use a variety of 2D and 3D materials to explore the range of possibilities of our animated production and learn of the processes step-by-step, referencing beloved Animations by Aardman, popular cartoons, and acclaimed animated movies.

Each participant will create an individual portfolio of work gathered throughout the length of the course, and we will teamwork together on a collaborative narrative - the final animation is a joint short film production where everybody puts a hand to the piece.
In the last stage, we will look at how editing works and add sound effects and music to bring the film to life.

Character design and creation, storyboarding, story development, observational drawing, dynamic illustration, expressive drawing, character modeling, stop motion animation, look at video editing.
This develops good communication, teamwork and confidence building, and of course creativity!

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