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Contemporary Creative

This course is for passionate young artists who would like to investigate their relationship with the subject and learn new techniques.

It will inspire students to build on existing knowledge and techniques so they can create with confidence and take their creative ideas to the next level. Professional art tutor will guide students through the fundamental elements to build on students’ knowledge in order to achieve real progress with paintings and drawings skills. Whatever students’ choice of medium, they will be challenged and supported in development of a style and outcomes contributing to the substantial portfolio.

Subject Matter
Contemporary art presents a spectacular array of subjects, but this doesn’t mean that every subject works for all and originality is highly encouraged. Throughout the course students will be exposed to a variety of subjects and guided on selecting the right individual path for their skills progression.

Imagination and Observation
The act of perception is at the root of our aesthetic response. Students will look at understanding the relationship between the imagination and visual appearance of the subject, and how it is used in an artwork of old and contemporary artists.

Technique and Language
Form, colour, line, light, texture, pattern, composition, space and process are the essential pillars of the language used in painting and drawing. Students will learn to master these elements technically to further develop their own work.

Topics covered:

  • Finding subject matter

  • Relationship between subject and the language of painting and drawing

  • How the subject is used

  • Technique & Language (Art grammar)

  • Working with references

  • Effective compositions

  • Painting in layers

  • Alla Prima (watercolours and acrylics)

  • Tonal graphite drawing

  • Space, form, colour and light

  • Contemporary values and surface quality

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