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About Art 4 Youth

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We are a collective of likeminded artists, teachers and professionals who urgently want to raise the current standards in art education for the benefit of young people – and your child plays a powerful role in creating this change.


The arts have officially been sidelined in the national curriculum, also in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc). This decision was made despite the rising contribution from creative industries to the UK economy (in the billions), and despite the strength of art education to help communicate complex concepts through an enquiry based approach to learning.


Parents and teachers have now been told that creative skills can be acquired elsewhere in a young person’s education – so we’re creating that space.

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As part of our education program the students benefit from assembling an extensive portfolio suitable for further and higher education.

Art 4 Youth aims to give your child easy access to the best possible future, as we believe their engagement with the arts needs to be nurtured continuously throughout their school years. But, as their care-giver, you know that’s easier said than done…


Private tuition and after-school art clubs are expensive. Their waiting lists are long. And the teachers are not always skilled, practicing artists. Norfolk is particularly limited in its offering, which makes our mission a priority.


We offer not only affordable supplementary Fine Art Education during the most important stages of a child’s learning cycle: from age 7 to 16 years. All our courses and workshops are FREE for children and young people who live in financially disadvantaged circumstances. Everything we do is thoughtfully shaped around your child’s current full-time education to complement it – not complicate it.


We’re acting on groundbreaking guidance from the Warwick Report 2015 to take a “united and coherent approach that guarantees equal access for everyone to a rich cultural education and the opportunity to live a creative life”. For example, one of our core aims is to connect with local mainstream schools to improve Ofsted results by boosting their students’ performance in Art & Design GCSC exams.

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